Driver to Driver

Protecting Your Abstract and CVOR

Monday June 28, 2021

Being free from violations means that it will be easier to find your next job, if and when that time comes. 

Recently I just completed 2 years of experience and I started looking for a new job. 

I am very grateful to the company that gave me my first job but now that I have experience, I am now more focussed on what I want. 

I obtained a copy of my driver’s abstract, CVOR, criminal background check and an updated copy of my resume. 

I checked for reputable companies on various job boards (Indeed, Kijiji, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.,…) and sent them my documents. 

Within 30 minutes I had 3 callbacks and set up 2 road tests and interviews. 

Feedback from these reputable companies is that if someone is free from violations, they consider them to be a good driver and will try not to let them go.  They will do a lot to try to accommodate good drivers.