A-Z Tractor Trailer Course

Becoming a truck driver and starting a rewarding career the right way.link

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What you will NEED:link


G class license or higher.link

This is a requirement from the Ministry of Transportation's Highway Traffic Act. G1 or G2 applicants cannot upgrade to any commercial drivers license until they obtain their full G class license. B class, C class and D class drivers can apply any time.

No DUI (Driving Under the Influence) convictions in last 10 years.link

If you have received a pardon for your conviction, you are eligible to obtain a A-Z License. Technically, even people with convictions can obtain their license, but it will be very difficult for them to find work in the industry as drinking and driving is a very serious offense and taboo in the transport industry. Note that Driving while under the influence of cannabis is the same legally as drunk driving.

Over 18 years old (Over 25 years old preferred).link

Anyone over 18 is able to obtain their license, but due to Insurance Companies charging very large premiums to insure individuals under 25, it will make many employers seek older applicants. Note: This applies mostly to A-Z applicants, B,C and D-Z licensees don't seem to run into this issue as often.

Be able to pass a M.T.O. (Ministry of Transport) Medical Test.link

This is a basic test to ensure you are healthy enough to become a commercial vehicle driver. This test can be conducted by any doctor practicing in the province of Ontario. Because it is not covered under O.H.I.P., most doctors charge fees for these exams. An average cost is $60-$80 for this examination.

Note: Physicians and Optometrists are required by law to report any conditions that may impair your driving ability physically or mentally so be aware that you may need to consult a specialist to obtain permission to obtain your drivers license. For details on what kind of medical conditions they check for, click Medical Conditions

You can download the form required to be filled out by the doctor below;

Reasonably Priced M.T.O Medical Facilities - MTO Medical Facilities

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The Ministry of Transportation's new M.E.L.T (Minimum Entry Level Training) standard came into effect July 1, 2017. Our course consists of 67 hours of on vehicle training and 37 hours of in class training exceeding the M.E.L.T Standard. We do NOT charge H.S.T. and all tuition fees are income tax deductible (T2202A Tuition receipts are issued). This represents at the very least a 13% savings.


Thanks to our 100% Job Placement rate for graduates, we are proud to offer you financing that you can pay off while you work as a truck driver! That's right, an upfront investment of $0, that pays for itself, and once paid off, continues to make you money!
It gets better, if you have good credit, you can pay 0% Interest.

3 years - 36 monthly paymentsfrom $292.35 / month
2 years - 24 monthly paymentsfrom $438.52 / month
1 year - 12 monthly payments from $877.05 / month
Single Payment $9745.00
2 months - 8 payments - No Credit Check $1218.12 / week

Course Content:link

37 hours In-Class Training
67 hours In-Vehicle Training17 hours On-Yard Training50 hours In-Cab Automatic or Manual Transmission Training
2 Attempts to pass MTO Road Test Included
Lifetime Job Placement Program for graduates
BONUS - Free!! Owner Operator CVOR Certificate Training Course

12 Hour - Z License Air Brake Endorsement Course - $350.00

Note: The student is responsible for M.T.O Fees for licensing ($125) payable directly to DriveTest at the time you do your written Permit test.

What HELPS:link

Having a clean drivers abstract or driving record.link

As a new recruit, this is your best proof of how good/safe a driver you are. One or two minor tickets aren't huge problems, but the cleaner your driving record the easier it will be for you to be employed/the better transport company you can get in to.

Having a clean criminal record.link

Because trucks cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the cargo they carry runs into the millions, a clean criminal record will make you eligible for all types of transport work.

Having previous experience with large trucks.link

Ever worked on a construction site driving heavy equipment? Ever worked as a mechanic or apprentice in a truck shop? Ever shunted trailers in a yard, all this can come in handy when learning for your A-Z license.

Being able to drive a manual transmission.link

This helps because a large percentage of the A-Z vehicles out in the field are equipped with manual transmissions, meaning this is a job critical skill. Manual transmission drivers of automobiles already possess the co-ordination (2 foot driving vs 1 foot driving) required to graduate to non-synchronized transmissions that are on most rigs.

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Procedure (listed in order to be completed)link

1. Pass M.T.O. Medical Examlink

(Form can be obtained from most M.T.O. locations, some doctors and our office free of charge)

2. Apply with the Schoollink

Applications can be done in person or Apply Onlinelink-external (cache)

3. Complete In Class Traininglink

This prepares you for your written test, gives you the building blocks for your in vehicle training and covers all that you will need to know to do your job properly and stay in compliance of the law every day you're on the road.

In-Class Curriculum includes:
Pre-Trip InspectionsEn-Route InspectionsPost-Trip InspectionsInspection Schedules
Space ManagementSpeed ManagementBacking and Turning Maneuvers
Hours of Service Regulations (U.S and Canada)Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Air Brake Endorsement (We are a M.T.O Signing Authority)Drug & Alcohol AwarenessDefensive Driving Techniques
Load SecurementAccident PreventionAccident Reporting
Border Crossing ProceduresHealth and SafetyWritten Test Preparation

3. Pass M.T.O. A Class Permit Written Testlink

This test covers everything you have learned in class. It is 70 questions, 30 A class, 20 Z (Air Brake) Class and 20 Road signs & General Traffic Law Rules questions. It can be done at any DriveTest location in Ontario.

4. Complete in vehicle driver traininglink

This is the most important part of your course as its where you area learning the trade hands on. Only 1 on 1 training meaning it will be just you and your instructor in the cab, no one watching you over your shoulder slowing your progress. We offer a safe and private 1.5 acre training yard to give you a safe/comfortable place to start, move on to public roads when you are ready. Parking for all students is FREE.

5. Pass M.T.O. Road Testlink

The road test consists of a Pre-Trip Inspection, Coupling/Decoupling the unit, a 90° or Off Set Backing Maneuver, On-Road driving and On-Highway driving.

6. Job Placementlink

This is your entry into the trade as a professional truck driver. As with all parts of the training, we will assist you with choosing the right carrier for you.

If you have any more questions please contact us here or call (905) 281-0764link

Apply Onlinelink