Driver to Driver

At The Company Docks

Wednesday March 17, 2021

Some of the things I’ve done:

  • just backed in
  • Chock the wheels
  • Slide tandems to the back
  • Disconnect the trailer supply (red) line and the company puts a lock on the trailer
  • Uncouple the trailer and park the tractor elsewhere

When your loading is complete, shippers/receivers will come and get their lock and some may help reconnect hoses. 

Always double check to make sure it’s done properly. They only want to help but you’re still responsible for your truck. 

Every time a glad hand is removed, either by me or someone else,

I always check to make sure it’s put back properly and securely. 

I make sure the chocks are removed and moved toward the far back behind the rearmost wheels. This makes sure me or nobody else will run them over and cause damage. 

I even do an audible air leak and air loss rate test before I pull away.  I also do all four brake tests (tractor, trailer, foot and the trailer handle). 

I will also do a quick walk around, just to check the lights are all working. 

The brake tests and walk arounds become second nature that they don’t take too much time.