Driver to Driver

While on the Road

Wednesday January 12, 2022

I like to count the broken down cars on the side of the interstate and keep score of the manufacturers. 

There’s other things on the side of the road to count too, but I don’t want to ruin the surprises. 

I like to keep an eye for wildlife. I see deer, coyotes, foxes, hawks and bald eagles. 

I have a TV and DVD player, so I can watch movies. Also, unlike Canada, the US still has free over-the-air channels. I can usually get the major networks, depending on where I am. 

But for me, one of the most fun things I do, is try to get a selfie with each state’s welcome sign. 

Most states have a welcome center as you cross their border. As time permits, I try to stop there and look for the Welcome sign. I try to plan my 30 minute break around this. 

Also, there is usually an inspection station close, so it’s a good time to check your truck. 

Every week while driving, I see many beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I especially like to see the sky changing colours during a sunrise.