Medical Conditions

Medical conditions that the M.T.O. qualifies as impairing your driving includes but is not limited to those listed below:

High Risk Conditions:
Advanced dementia or Alzheimer's diseaseUncontrolled seizures or diabetes
Substance abuse, psychiatric disorders with symptoms of suicidal thoughts, extreme agitation, impulsive or violent behavior etc.Uncontrolled sleep apnea refusing treatmentVision poorer than 20/30 examined with both eyes open
Low Risk Conditions:
Controlled sleep apneaSeizure occurring one year ago or more
Controlled diabetesHeart disease
Reactive depressionCast/splints
Stable psychiatric disordersField of vision less than 150 degrees horizontally or 20 degrees vertically

Note: There is a Medical Waiver Program run by the MTO, so some people with the above conditions may still be able to get their licenses.

If you have any further questions regarding medical conditions, or if you have been sent for medical review, you can contact the M.T.O.'s Medical Review Board, at (416) 235-1773 or toll-free at 1-800-268-1481.