COVID-19 Information Center

Covid19 2

If you have any of the below symptoms, do NOT come to school:link

difficulty breathingchest painconfusion or disorientation
loss of consciousnessfever above 37.8 degrees celsiuschills
coughsore throatdifficulty swallowing
runny, stuffy or congested noseloss of sense of tastepink eye
headachenausea, diarrhea or stomach painmuscle aches
extreme fatigueloss of sense of balance

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact the school immediately and we will accommodate you however we can.link

Face masks are required to be worn by staff, students and visitors at all times.link

  • We ask that all staff, students and visitors maintain a minimum of 2 meter social distancing between individuals.  Desks and the office areas will be marked to show the required buffer distance.


  • Students are able to obtain their own Personal Protective Equipment or purchase it at the school as necessary. We also provide rapid antigen testing on-site by appointment only.


You can request an appointment by email, phone or click here.Make an Appointment

Public Health Canada Mask Guidancelink-external (cache)link